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July 14, 2024

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Arsenal in touch with Chelsea over Levi Colwill?

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For a few years now, Arsenal has been slowly but surely aiming to sign more exciting domestic talent. Young players from around the country and the wider UK have seen chances open up at the Gunners. Previously seen as one of the most continental clubs in Europe, the inability to make the UEFA Champions League means the club has to box clever in signings. This means picking up young talent that might be overlooked by rivals who still look to the continents abroad for signings.

One name that might end up in North London is Levi Colwill. The youngster is on loan at Huddersfield Town, and will take to the Wembley turf for the 2022 Championship play-off. Town will take on Nottingham Forest in a highly anticipated game, and it is expected that Arsenal will be present too. However, Chelsea reports suggest Colwill is seen as one for the future and they would be loathe to sell him to a domestic rival.

Highly thought of by just anyone who has played with or coached Colwill, he would make an obvious choice if Arsenal can do the deal. The challenge stems from convincing the Blues to actually open up and sell. It would probably take the player himself demanding the move to make it happen. Given the Blues have UEFA Champions League football and also have made plenty of room for academy talent, though, it might be a hard sell.

Arsenal set to compete with Premier League rivals for Colwill

The reports suggest that numerous players will be involved in the discussion. The likes of Crystal Palace, Brighton and Hove Albion, and Leicester City are all keen to make a deal work for Colwill. The crucial difference is that many of these offers will be loans as opposed to permanent exits. Chelsea might be more amenable to a loan as opposed to a permanent exit.

As such, fans should not be expectant that this deal could take place. Chelsea and Arsenal have rarely done each other favours, and most of the time when they do it is to the benefit of the Blues. This means that Arsenal might need to push extremely hard if they want to have even a shot of making this work.

A talented prospect with a big future in the game, though, Colwill would make an excellent choice for a young defender to fill in with the rest of the youth development unit taking place at Arsenal. For now, though, it seems like a deal that might be too hard to strike in a way that satisfies all of those involved.

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