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June 21, 2024

Victoria Concordia Crescit

Arsenal in transfer ban threat over Marquinhos deal

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For the Gunners, this season has been both one of optimism and eventual disappointment. The development of one of the most exciting young squads in the league is a net positive; missing out on the UEFA Champions League with just two games left in the season was a nightmare. It has left the clubs summer plans in disarray, and could contribute to a lot of needless change at the club. Another headache might be appearing on the horizon for the Gunners, though – a potential legal battle with Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The team has seemingly agreed a deal with Marquinhos, an exciting young player playing for Sao Paulo. Wolves, though, claim they have a deal in-place with the player already. If Arsenal sign him, Wolves are threatening to see Arsenal in court. And if the courts went against the club, it could see a whopping transfer ban handed down by the top beaks at FIFA.

It would be a shock and a surprise, but the whole revelations of a deal with Wolves has come out of nowhere. This has left some fans wondering if the deal for an exciting young Brazilian should be left. Wolves, though, will not be happy that the player has seemingly done a deal with another club whilst agreeing a contract with them already.

This could become messy for both clubs, and for the player himself. The only hope is that this does not end up like the Gael Kakuta situation for Chelsea, which seen major flux at the West London outfit.

Arsenal will need to try and find a way to end this amicably, especially if there is any truth that they will try to sign Ruben Neves this summer. Whatever happens, fans are naturally worried about this summer.

Transfer woes set to continue this summer?

The problem for Arsenal is that the club appears to be walking into roadblocks everywhere it looks. Marquee targets like Victor Osimhen look to be nigh-impossible to land, while there are natural concerns over the clubs ability to get deals done.

One deal that might be easier to complete is for Aaron Hickey. The Scotland full-back has impressed at Bologna, and is believed to be keen on a move to London. He would act as a cover for Kieran Tierney, though his two-footed nature means he could cover on both sides of the wing for Arsenal.

Milan, though, are intrigued by the player and see him as the ideal competitive cover for the likes of Theo Hernandez. If Arsenal end up in a courtroom dispute with Wolves, it could make it harder to do other deals while this all takes place.

After a season that felt like it was entirely going in the right direction, recent moves has seen fan optimism taking a battering. It is hard to say what happens next, but this summer looks to be far more complicated than it had to be. From courtroom battles to Champions League what-ifs, there is much to ponder for the Gunners and precious little time to do so.

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